About our Company

ADX Networks is a premium service provider since 1998, we are one of the pioneers in hosting in America. With high availability clusters and a unique system design, we deliver full HA cPanel hosting with great value. Our main features are:

  • 19 years of web hosting experience.
  • Rock solid performance using the latest Dell servers with Intel Xeon processors
  • Great Datacenter choices in the United States and Latin America, DDOS proteccion, redundant multihome networks. Tons of available bandwidth.
  • The latest software from our partners, more options, more security and php acceleration.

Our History

Founded in 1998 by two College Students: Cristobal Barberis and Roy Zderich. It`s another garage startup successful history. Starting from zero to many thousands of customers isn't easy, there´s no secret but hard work over the years.

ADX Brand is owned and operated by Global Digital Ventures

Datacenter Locations:

Los Angeles, CA (LA)

offers great US west coast and cross-Pacific network connectivity. If your customers/users are located in the West Coast or if you need to hook your services up to China or Japan; South Korea or Singapore, these is our best choice. We offer Elastic Sites hosting services covered with a top notch infrastructure at a price that won’t break the bank.

Contact information:

  • Sales / ventas: sales@adx.host.
  • US +1 2132211084
  • Chile +56 2 25940224
  • Argentina +54 1152371411
  • Perú +51 16429629
  • Colombia +57 13816537
  • support / soporte: support@adx.host (we recommend you to login to our customer portal and open a support ticket)